“Gavin contributes a great deal to organizations and environments of which he is a part, and discharges what I believe he views as a responsibility of citizenship with outstanding conscientiousness, reliable industry, and great skill…. Gavin has consistently demonstrated a passionate commitment to the common good and the energy and skill to move agenda items forward.”
– Hank Toutain, former Dean of Students at Kenyon College

“Gavin is an incredible individual. He is highly competent in many areas, and learns new skills quickly. I was most impressed by his sense of ambition and initiative; Gavin understands what needs to get done, effectively plans, and then executes with efficiency and authority. He was a great, conscientious teammate and thrives in competitive environments. Gavin will make an excellent addition to any team or organization.”
– Phil Schwartz, AmeriCorps NCCC team leader

Photo of Gavin McGimpsey teaching.


“Thanks again for the class. You are a fantastic instructor. I feel like you have put me in a position to secure my own destiny.”
– A.M., Phoenix, AZ

“Your upbeat, positive, and funny personality made lessons so enjoyable - a very impressive feat. I was able to stay motivated, and the countless hours and hard work payed off. I cannot thank you enough for making my experience studying for the LSAT such a positive one.”
– J.E., Ann Arbor, MI

“I have gained a tremendous amount of respect for not only your intellect, but for your ability to really effectively teach this material throughout the past few months… You really were a great teacher, and I wish you the best of luck!”
– M.K., Ann Arbor, MI