Portrait photo of Gavin McGimpsey.

Hi, I’m Gavin!

I’m in Los Angeles these days, after living and working everywhere from Gambier, Ohio, to Sanibel Island, Florida, to Phoenix, Arizona, and lots of places in between. Wherever I go, I try to go all out: I was ranked the #1 rookie bridge player in North America in 2012. After earning a perfect score on the Law School Admissions Test, I taught hundreds of others to achieve their best — to rave reviews. I’ve also served in AmeriCorps and as an EMT. Now, I’m excited to be starting my legal career.


  • Wildnerness backpacking — I spent a few weeks solo thru-hiking the Benton MacKaye Trail in the southeastern US.
  • Bridge — mostly on BBO these days.
  • Sailing — always willing to crew.
  • Baseball — I’m hoping to visit every MLB stadium, and I love keeping score.
  • Cooking and cocktails — especially trying something new.